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A Great American Composer Essay Example for Free

A Great American Composer Essay Conceived in New York, John Williams moved to the city of heavenly attendants with his family in the year 1948, where he went to the UCLA and the Los Angeles City College. He likewise secretly considered sythesis with Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco in Los Angeles. Subsequent to working with the Air Force for a concise timeframe, Williams returned to New York to go to the Juilliard University. There he took Madame Rosina Lhevinne as an instructor to get familiar with the piano. Likewise in New York, Williams started to fill in as a jazz piano player on accounts and in clubs. He came back to Los Angeles a short time later to start his profession in the film business. Subsequent to working with eminent arrangers, for example, Alfred Newman, Bernard Herrmann, and Franz Waxman; Williams began to compose music for TV programs during the 1960s. He won four Emmy Awards for this work (â€Å"About: John Williams†). The features of Williams’ profession in media outlets might be quickly summed up as follows: Mr. Williams has created the music and filled in as a music chief for more than one hundred movies, including, War of the Worlds, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Terminal, Catch Me If You Can, Harry. Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Minority Report, Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone, A. I. Man-made reasoning, The Patriot, Angelas Ashes, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Stepmom, Saving Private Ryan, Amistad, Seven Years in Tibet, The Lost World, Rosewood, Sleepers, Nixon, Sabrina, Schindlers List, Jurassic Park, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Far and Away, JFK, Hook, Presumed Innocent, Born on the Fourth of July, the Indiana Jones set of three, The Accidental Tourist, Empire of the Sun, The Witches of Eastwick, E. T. (the Extra-Terrestrial), Superman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the Star Wars set of three, Jaws, and Goodbye, Mr. Chips. He has gotten forty-five Academy Award selections, most as of late for his scores from Memoirs of a Geisha and Munich, making him the Academys most designated living individual. He has been granted five Oscars, seven British Academy Awards (BAFTA), twenty Grammys, four Golden Globes, four Emmys and various gold and platinum records (â€Å"About: John Williams†). Obviously, nearly each and every individual who is familiar with American TV projects and Hollywood movies has delighted in the music made by Williams. His music depends on the old style custom. The impact recently Romantics, e. g. Richard Strauss and Gustav Mahler, may handily be distinguished in his music. Simultaneously, be that as it may, Williams doesn't stop from mixing the old style with the advanced conventions. His music for Close Encounters of the Third Kind unmistakably delineates that Williams is an author of the occasions despite the fact that he is affected by music of the past. Overall, nonetheless, his music is genuinely charming on the grounds that it is loaded up with old fashioned tunes that are blended in with â€Å"fanfares and fun walks (â€Å"John Williams: Composer Extraordinaire†). † Moreover, the man is profoundly respected for his capacity to build tunes and sounds that faultlessly supplement the disposition of his movies (â€Å"John Williams: Composer Extraordinaire†). Williams’ scores have been portrayed as â€Å"invariably glorious instrumental works, performed with power and energy (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). † Although the author can deliver incredible music for calmer just as more slow scenes with equivalent fittingness, his work is commonly viewed as â€Å"forceful and triumphal (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). † Indeed, this is one of the principle reasons why Williams’ music keeps on being adored by individuals over the globe, who are familiar with the well known Star Wars, if not Harry Potter. As per a BBC report: â€Å"His music consistently brings out an amazing feeling of state of mind, putting the power of the whole ensemble behind a feeling and going for it. With his accentuation on symphonic vitality and force, it is obvious that Williams is most popular for his activity subjects (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). † As Williams adjusts notable traditional music for his own scores, audience members accept that his work is, in any event to some degree, plagiaristic. Along these lines, his Oscar-winning arrangement for Star Wars is accepted to convey echoes of a score from The Planet’s Suite; and his score for the Atlanta Olympic Games is said to obtain intensely from Fanfare for the Common Man by Copeland. Williams’s music has been comprehended to be subordinate, which is presumably the motivation behind why there are likenesses between the old style music he has been impacted by and his own arrangements. All in all, be that as it may, the man is profoundly respected for his uniqueness (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). Another quality of Williams’ music that permits him to be stay unique among arrangers is that his work is notable. He gives one of a kind subjects to the reprobates and legends of the movies and TV programs that he creates for. He additionally gives one of a kind melodic subjects to the various plots notwithstanding macguffins of his movies and TV programs. In scenes where the various components of the film, or the scalawags and saints communicate, nonetheless, he interlaces the exceptional melodic subjects. For instance, Williams utilized Raiders March for Indiana Jones in the Raiders of the Lost Ark consistently that Jones seemed, by all accounts, to be winning. At the point when Jones seemed, by all accounts, to be losing, be that as it may, Williams supplanted the Raiders March with the Nazi Theme (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). In this manner, the arranger is uncommon on the grounds that he doesn't just create extraordinary music yet additionally has the knowledge to put various scores in fitting scenes of the movies or TV programs he works for. One of the most critical creations of Williams is the topic from the film, Jaws. The score utilizes a â€Å"deep, two-note bassline,† which has figured out how to nearly transform into a â€Å"universal code for looming shark assault (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). † As a self evident reality, numerous narratives regarding the matter of sharks have utilized music like the subject made by Williams. As per the BBC report, the intensity of the subject is its straightforwardness. The bassline is played gradually and it is played at quite long spans, after which the rest of the symphony rings in with the bassline remaining prevailing and â€Å"joined by a profound metal congruity (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). † After this, the bass nearly vanishes while the lighter strings keep on playing a panicky, practically frantic topic before the bass at long last comes back with full power in a temperament of retribution. Now, the metal and the string play â€Å"an dire hold back (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). † Silence follows before long (â€Å"John Williams: Film Composer†). Another genuinely important piece made by Williams is his score for Memoirs of a Geisha. Waldron depicts this creation as a â€Å"marvelously finished score that characterizes and moves the story. † For this score, Williams utilized the conventional instruments of Japan. The cellist Yo-yo Ma and the musician Itzhak Perlman offered life to the topic. To be sure, Williams’ topic for this film is relied upon to astonish huge numbers of his fans, as this subject had been made for the Japanese film setting instead of the standard Hollywood setting that the author has been familiar with for quite a while (Waldron). Furthermore, this subject is genuinely abnormal as it doesn't help the audience to music to remember the past that the arranger is known to get his organizations from a significant part of the time. Williams’ music for A. I. is an extra amazement for his fans. Mecha World, which is the initial track of the film, reminds the audience that, without a doubt, the individual in question is tuning in to Williams’ music. This far reaching piece presents a mechanical character that one could without much of a stretch partner with hardware or apply autonomy. The piece is set against an expansive melodic subject that permits the watcher of the film to induce that the mechanical character must be set in a â€Å"imposing urban† or â€Å"industrial scene (Lace). † Williams utilizes metrically cracked cadenced writing† notwithstanding percussion instruments in A. I. (Tommasini). These highlights of his music permit the watcher of the film to handily enter the universe of androids alongside the androids themselves. Tommasini depicts how the arranger †in the wake of having been ridiculed by pundits for the equivalence of his sytheses †uncovers his uniqueness in the topic for A. I. : â€Å"The music during the movies ‘Hide and Seek’ arrangement, when the robot kid David messes around with his receptive mother, who at this beginning time of the story is as yet stricken with him, is particularly quick. Worked from delicate melodic riffs, including childrens piano-practice tunes, curious harmonies and awry expressions, the music is on the double overwhelming and disrupting. † Surely, Williams appears to have made considerable progress. His music for Catch me in the event that you can is particularly lively. Distinguished as â€Å"elusive chamber music,† the score demonstrates to the audience members that the writer is adept at â€Å"the toning it down would be best methodology (Tommasini). † Furthermore, in spite of the fact that his fans can even now perceive his particular image of organizations, Williams keeps on changing his way to deal with evaluate new methods to film scoring. He has not figured out how to exhaust his audience members, in spite of the way that he has made music for countless famous movies. Above all, maybe, it is fundamental for him to remind the audience members with his extensive topics that it is his music that they are tuning in to. Trying different things with new approac

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Mole Relations in Balanced Equations Example Problems

Mole Relations in Balanced Equations Example Problems These are worked science issues telling the best way to figure the quantity of moles of reactants or items in a reasonable synthetic condition. Mole Relations Problem #1 Decide the quantity of moles of N2O4 expected to respond totally with 3.62 mol of N2H4 for the response 2 N2H4(l) N2O4(l) â†' 3 N2(g) 4 H2O(l). Instructions to Solve the Problem The initial step is to verify that the concoction condition is adjusted. Ensure the quantity of molecules of every component are the equivalent on the two sides of the condition. Recollect to increase the coefficient by all particles tailing it. The coefficient is the number before a concoction equation. Duplicate every addendum just by the molecule directly before it. The addendums are the lower numbers discovered promptly following an iota. When you confirm the condition is adjusted, you can set up the connection between the quantity of moles of reactants and items. Discover the connection between moles of N2H4 and N2O4 by utilizing the coefficients of the decent condition: 2 mol N2H4 is corresponding to 1 mol N2O4 In this manner, the transformation factor is 1 mol N2O4/2 mol N2H4: moles N2O4 3.62 mol N2H4 x 1 mol N2O4/2 mol N2H4 moles N2O4 1.81 mol N2O4 Answer 1.81 mol N2O4 Mole Relations Problem #2 Decide the quantity of moles of N2 created for the response 2 N2H4(l) N2O4(l) â†' 3 N2(g) 4 H2O(l) when the response starts with 1.24 moles of N2H4. Arrangement This substance condition is adjusted, so the molar proportion of reactants and items might be utilized. Discover the connection between moles of N2H4 and N2 by utilizing the coefficients of the reasonable condition: 2 mol N2H4 is corresponding to 3 mol N2 For this situation, we need to go from moles of N2H4 to moles of N2, so the change factor is 3 mol N2/2 mol N2H4: moles N2 1.24 mol N2H4 x 3 mol N2/2 mol N2H4 moles N2 1.86 mol N2O4 Answer 1.86 mol N2 Tips for Success The keys to finding the right solution are: Ensure the concoction condition is balanced.Use the coefficients before mixes to get molar ratios.Check to ensure you utilize the fitting number of huge figures for nuclear masses and report mass utilizing the right number of figures.

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Dysphoric Mania in Bipolar Disorder

Dysphoric Mania in Bipolar Disorder Bipolar Disorder Print Dysphoric Mania in Bipolar Disorder Episodes With Mixed Features By Marcia Purse Marcia Purse is a mental health writer and bipolar disorder advocate who brings strong research skills and personal experiences to her writing. Learn about our editorial policy Marcia Purse Medically reviewed by Medically reviewed by Steven Gans, MD on December 30, 2015 Steven Gans, MD is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital. Learn about our Medical Review Board Steven Gans, MD Updated on June 17, 2019 Bipolar Disorder Overview Symptoms & Diagnosis Causes Treatment Living With In Children Your Rights Westend61/Getty Images Dysphoric mania is the term that was used in the past for what we now call an episode with  mixed features, though some health professionals may still use this term. Around 40 percent of people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder experience episodes with mixed features. Understanding Dysphoria Dysphoria is a word that turns up often in the literature describing bipolar disorder. By definition, dysphoria is a profound state of unease or a general dissatisfaction with life. From a clinical standpoint, dysphoria suggests a serious depressive episode accompanied by a manic psychosis (the loss of external reality). As such, it is not considered a reasonable response to an event or stimulus but rather a feature of an ever-changing cycle in moods that can lead, often inexplicably, to profound episodes of emotional dysfunction. Simply put, dysphoria is a disconnect in emotion that has little or no relation to what is actually going on. Dysphoria is not only associated with bipolar disorder, its associated with other psychiatric and nonpsychiatric conditions. These can include schizophrenia, gender dysphoria, illicit drug use, and even premenstrual cycles (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). Diagnosis Dysphoric mania is not a term we use often these days but its one that can help clarify how dysphoria applies to bipolar disorder. In this instance, a bipolar person might concurrently exhibit signs of mania along with signs of depression. Today, this is described as a mixed feature of bipolar disorder. People with dysphoric mania or mixed features will experience at least three symptoms of mania with a depressive episode or at least three symptoms of depression with a manic or hypomanic episode. The symptoms can be wide-ranging but are ultimately characterized by a contradiction in action and state,  such as a person who is frenetic and loud even if he or she is emotionally drained and depressed. Symptoms of Mania Grandiosity and exaggerated feelings of self-importance Hallucinations or delusions Racing thoughts Rapid, frenzied speech (pressured speech) Recklessness and risk-taking behavior Aggressiveness or irritability Needing less sleep or not feeling tired Purposeless, often relentless, activity (psychomotor agitation) Symptoms of Depression Inexplicable crying or long periods of sadness Curtailed sleep or appetite Thoughts of death or suicide (suicidal ideation) Feelings of worthlessness or guilt Lethargy Losing interest in activities once enjoyed Social isolation Indecisiveness or confusion When these ranges of symptoms co-occur, the state can then be broadly described as being dysphoric, or what we now call a manic or hypomanic episode with mixed features or a depressive episode with mixed features. Treatment Options Its important to remember, first and foremost, that dysphoria is not a condition. It is a symptom in the same way that euphoria (intense feelings of happiness or well-being) is a symptom. As such, you do not treat dysphoria per se, but the underlying condition. With that being said, dysphoric/mixed episodes are often difficult to treat because the majority of drugs used to treat bipolar disorder address either depression or mania, not both. Antipsychotic drugs by themselves or along with lithium or anticonvulsants may be effective, but the process of finding the right combination can take time. Oftentimes, treatment is a process of trial-and-error. When dysphoria occurs in relation to a mixed episode, the risk of suicide is considered high. In people having suicidal thoughts or those whose behavior is erratic and intensifying, hospitalization may be needed. Get Help From the 9 Best Online Therapy Programs Treatment Is Essential Dysphoric mania is a serious disorder that needs immediate and ongoing treatment and support. If you or a loved one are experiencing symptoms of a mixed bipolar episode, seek help as soon as possible. Early intervention is often key to treatment success.

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5.2 Summarise the Policies and Procedures Schools May Have...

1. Outline current legislation, guidelines, policies and procedures within own UK Home Nation affecting the safeguarding of children and young people. †¢ Working together to safeguard children (2006-2010) †¢ Children act (2004) †¢ Education act(2002) †¢ Disability discrimination act (1995) †¢ Special education needs (SEN) couch practice (2000) †¢ Data protection information handling and sharing 2. Explain child protection within the wider concept of safeguarding children and young people. This is when children are suffering from any form of abuse or neglect. It also involves protecting children and young people from maltreatment and preventing impairment of a child’s health and development by ensuring†¦show more content†¦Over a period of eight months, causing him 60 separate injuries including a broken back and ribs. It criticised Peters GP for not raising concerns when he found bruises on the childs head and chest after apparently falling down stairs. It chastised police for not investigating suspicious injuries, neither did the social workers and their managers at any time seriously think that Peter was being harmed or was at risk of harm. Peter Lewis, director of childrens services at Haringey, said improvements had been made at the council, with agency social workers accounting for 20% of staff, down from 45% at the height of the tragedy. He also confirmed more children in the borough were being taken into care - 620 were now in care, up from 460 18 months ago Alex Sutherland Alex Sutherland age 13 months was found dead in his pushchair in front of a blazing gas fire his body charred and burned, he Had been dead for at least three days till he got found. He had faeces on his hands, legs and buggy, had severe nappy rash and had bruising on his head and body. His mother, Tracey Sutherland, 39, was later admitted neglect and was jailed for 27 months. Pauline Newman, the city council’s director of Children’s Services, said it was clear ‘there were areas where we could have done better’ In March 2009 a review by Lord Laming said a higher priority should be given to childShow MoreRelatedUnit 3024935 Words   |  20 PagesLevel 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools Assignment – Unit 302 Schools as organisations (also includes unit 306 1.1, unit 333 1.1) Summarise entitlement and provision for early years’ education (Refer to Childcare Act 2006 and Every Child matters) (1.1) As part of the Childcare Act 2006 and every child matters, all 3 and 4 year old children in England are able to receive free, partRead MoreTDA 3.2 schools and organisation Essay examples3547 Words   |  15 Pages 1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early year’s education? Every child matters agenda and the childcare act 2006, it become an entitlement of all 3-4 year olds in England to receive a free part time early years education of up to 12.5 hours per week for 38 weeks of the year. Early year’s provision in school is about supporting very young children it is distinct from key stage 1 in each country within the UK and is best on the concept of learning through play rather thanRead MoreEssay on Tda 3.2 Schools as Organisations4137 Words   |  17 PagesTDA 3.2 Schools as Organisations. TDA 3.2-1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early year’s education. Thanks to the Every Child Matters and the Childcare Act 2006 all 3 and 4 years olds in England receive free part-time (12  ½ per week) for 38 weeks a year. This is government funded and the idea is for all children to have 2 years of free education before they even start school. Early year’s provision for these very young children varies greatly from the education they willRead MoreTDA 3.2 organisation in schools Essay3183 Words   |  13 Pagesï » ¿ Level 3 Task Book for Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in schools Mandatory Units Learner Name: The tasks have been re-written with boxes after each section for you to fill in if that would suit your learning style. Some learners find this helpful. You don’t have to work this way. You can present your tasks in other formats if you wish as long as it demonstrates evidence of the knowledge and understanding. NB: Please ensure that you referRead MoreEssay on Tda 3.2 Assignment Schools as Organisations9471 Words   |  38 PagesTDA 3.2 Schools as Organisations 1. Know the structure of education from early years to post compulsory education. 1.1 Summarise entitlement provision for early year’s education. Every child who on the term commencing after their 3rd Birthday is entitled to a free part time place in early years education. This was formed as part of the Every Child Matters agenda. From 0-5 years the framework of learning, development care forms the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), which follows theRead MoreNvq 3 Unit 302 - All Essay6644 Words   |  27 PagesUnit 302. 1.1 Summarise entitlement and provision for early years. In 2006 all 3/4 year olds were entitled to up to 12.5 hours a week during term time free early years education. This was increased to 15 hours a week in September 2011. There are free pre-schools which are run by the local authorities that children can attend for 3 hours a day once they have turned 3 or if children are already in a day nursery then they will have 15 hours a week deducted off their bill the term after the childRead MoreTda 3.2 Schools as Organisations Essay7652 Words   |  31 PagesAssessment task – TDA 3.2 Schools as organisations Task 1 links to learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, assessment criteria 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1, 2.2, 3.1, 3.2, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 6.1 and 6.3. Knowing how schools work as organisations would support your work in education. Provide evidence that shows you can: a) Summarise entitlement and provision for Early years education There are different types of childcare options available for 0-5 year olds, these include: Read MoreUnit 302 Schools and Organisations Essay examples4715 Words   |  19 PagesSchools and Organisations Assignment 302 By Mrs D M Brunsdon December 2012 Outcome 1: * Know the structure of education from early years to post-compulsory education 1.1 summaries entitlement and provision for early year’s education In the UK all children aged between 3 and 4 years have the right to receive the minimum of 15 hours education which can be used between 3 and 5 days per week. There are many ways that this can be provided. * Nursery schools These are stand aloneRead MoreChildcare: Education and Subject Code Essay43120 Words   |  173 PagesAward in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Subject Code: 501/1289/2 Ascentis Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning Subject Code: 501/1706/3 Level 2 Certificate in Cover Supervision Subject Code: 501/1718/X Ascentis Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning Subject Code: 501/1719/1 Level 3 Award/Certificate/Diploma Level 3 Award in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Teaching and Learning Level 3 CertificateRead MoreCase Study148348 Words   |  594 Pagesthe World Wide Web at: ---------------------------------This edition published 2011  © Pearson Education Limited 2011 The rights of Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington and Kevan Scholes to be identified as the authors of this work have been asserted by them in accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Pearson Education is not responsible for the content of third party internet sites. ISBN: 978-0-273-73557-1 (printed) ISBN: 978-0-273-73552-6 (web) All rights reserved

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The Book Things Fall Apart Is One Of Africa’S Most...

The book Things Fall Apart is one of Africa’s most significant works of literature. Because of its unique spin on European colonialism from an African tribesman’s perspective and its eloquent use of Igbo vocabulary, the volume continually draws in readers from various backgrounds and locations. Attention to detail and foreshadowing are common throughout the book; zeroing in on certain motifs and themes relating to African culture. One motif examined throughout the novel is chi. Author Chinua Achebe expresses the conflict between whether the main character, Okonkwo, can control his tragic fate or if his calamitous ending is the product of his personal chi. This essay will prove that his chi, or personal god, is the root of his downfall, not†¦show more content†¦Since Okonkwo’s life is full of violence, he suffers a violent death-hanging himself, which is â€Å"an abomination to the earth goddess† (Achebe 205). This proves the following claim, †Å"A man cannot rise beyond the destiny of his chi† (Achebe 131). Despite his constant efforts to fight his destiny, Okonkwo crumbles and ultimately realizes he cannot change the path his chi has chosen for him. Other critics believe Okonkwo has the ability and power to control his fate, as well as his chi, throughout his life. For instance, â€Å"Okonkwo resorts to violence in order to maintain control of a situation and assert his manliness† (Iyasere 68). This quote nearly means Okonkwo must constantly oversee situations, especially situations involving his chi. Because of his physical strength and persistently violent attitude, Okonkwo is feared, as well as respected, by those around him as a leader and conqueror. â€Å"His fame rested on solid personal achievements,† Chinua Achebe shares (1). Besides his physical attributes, Okonkwo â€Å"treat[s] [others] with great honor and respect† (Achebe 12), but not his chi. Instead of bargaining with his chi about certain decisions regarding his fate, such as immediately apologizing to his wife during the Week of Peace, Okonkwo alternatively â€Å"mold[s] his chi to his will,† Solomon Iyasere claims, in order to get wh at he wants (68). This violentShow MoreRelatedAchebe1599 Words   |  7 Pages Achebe’s Defense of The Ibo People in Things Fall Apart Option 1 The late Chinua Achebe is considered to be one of the most important voices in African literature. Born in colonial Nigeria in the 1930’s, Achebe joined the first wave of African writers who were determined to represent their country in a way that would truthfully depict the past and present. Before the arrival of the first wave writers, the history of pre-colonial Africa was portrayed as a place of barbarous activity. EuropeanRead MoreThings Fall Apart By Chinua Achebe2361 Words   |  10 PagesThings Fall Apart Book Critique Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe is a historical fiction novel describing the life of Okonkwo in a Nigerian village succumbing to European ways, in order to portray Achebe’s view on imperialism. It was chosen for us to read by our teacher because it describes imperialism and its effects in an Ibo village of Nigeria. It also shows the treatment of natives by the Europeans and how the natives reacted. Things Fall Apart is useful to our course of studies because itRead MoreEssay on Images of Africa in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart2228 Words   |  9 PagesImages of Africa in Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart  Ã‚        Ã‚  Ã‚   Joseph Conrads novel Heart of Darkness portrays an image of Africa that is dark and inhuman.   Not only does he describe the actual, physical continent of Africa as so hopeless and so dark, so impenetrable to human thought, so pitiless to human weakness (Conrad 94), as though the continent could neither breed nor support any true human life, but he also manages to depict Africans as though they are not worthy of the respectRead More Essay Contrasting Images in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness2233 Words   |  9 PagesContrasting Images in Things Fall Apart and Heart of Darkness  Ã‚     Ã‚  Ã‚   Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness portrays an image of Africa that is dark and inhuman.   Not only does he describe the actual, physical continent of Africa as â€Å"so hopeless and so dark, so impenetrable to human thought, so pitiless to human weakness† (Conrad 94), as though the continent could neither breed nor support any true human life, but he also manages to depict Africans as though they are not worthy of the respectRead MoreATTITUDE OF STUDENTS TOWARDS STUDYING AGRICULTURAL SCIENCE IN SENIOR SECONDARY SCHOOL3053 Words   |  13 PagesCHAPTER ONE 1.0 INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACK GROUND OF THE STUDY The West African Examination Council and the National Examination Council, the major examination bodies in Nigeria have been recording poor results from candidates who sit for examination on Agricultural Science. Besides, the enrollment for the examinations in Agricultural Science is on the decline. These could be attributed to lack of interest in the subject and poor perception that Agricultural Science has no future prospects for thoseRead MoreThe Stable Nation of Nigeria Essay3456 Words   |  14 PagesThe Stable Nation of Nigeria As most governments do struggle when changing over into a new form of government, with hope to better its people, Nigeria is no exception. After 16 years of military dictatorship, three republics, many riots and protests, and about seven coups and/or overthrows, the new Federal Republic of Nigeria adopted a new constitution in 1999, and held honest, fair civilian elections (for the first time in almost two decades) to hopefully ease all of the religious, culturalRead MoreEskom5540 Words   |  23 Pageselectricity produced in the whole of Africa and aims to extend its transmission grid into neighbouring sub-Saharan countries. Currently, Eskom produces 90% of the South Africas electricity generated for resale and is the monopoly domestic public power utility. ‘‘When we talk about power and power outages, we tend often to focus on South Africas (S.A.) growing shortage of electricity generation and capacity. But when the lights go out its just as likely to be because of troubles in electricity distributionRead More The Collapse of Somalia and Economic Considerations Essay4780 Words   |  20 Pagesdecline. Negative Effects of IMF-World Bank Structural Adjustment This essay does not contend that western, economic policies of the Washington-consensus are solely responsible for the crisis in Somalia. Rather, IMF and World Bank policies were one factor that contributed to the economic problems and collapse of the Somali state. Julius O. Ihonvbere explains how these international institutions became involved in Somalia, This crisis [in Somalia] was reproduced through the interplay of politicalRead MoreChina in Africa Essay20116 Words   |  81 Pagesthe NEPAD agenda. A regional approach will, in his opinion, help African countries to negotiate from a stronger and better platform. During 2008 researchers at NAI will continue to devote attention to this topic. In our interview section we present one interview with Martha Qorro, professor in English language, on the question about the language of instruction in Tanzania. She is of the opinion that the best way to teach English is not to use it as the language of instruction. She also responds toRead MoreCOM3702 Portfolio10930 Words   |  44 Pagesvery first letter was sent in South Africa until the present day, postal and telecommunications services have been under the control of the state. Today, Telkom is South Africa’s largest telecommunications company. It is semi-privatised, with 39% being owned by the South African government; this means that the state has a significant say in how the company is run. Telkom was established 19 years ago, originally as a telephone company. It now provides a wide range of communications services. In 2006

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Battered Woman Syndrome Free Essays

The phrase â€Å"battered woman syndrome† was first coined by Walker to provide a clear picture about the recurrent events of violence occurring in a relationship. In this concept, some psychological structures are defined such as learned helplessness. This terminology will aid in the discussion of the reasons behind why certain women, who experience violence and assault, still remain and cling to the batterer and their relationship. We will write a custom essay sample on Battered Woman Syndrome or any similar topic only for you Order Now Battered woman syndrome has become the subject of court cases in the past years, ranging from the prosecution of the batterers up to the testimonies of the battered woman. It is also traditionally applied as a reason for self-defense of a woman, who is believed to be in an imminent danger at the time she killed the batterer (McCann, Shindler and Hammond, 2004). However, issues conjure in response to this traditionally accepted claim of the victim. One of which is that battered women are masochists. Fulero and Wrightsman (2009) tackled issues about the battered woman syndrome. They also compiled myths about the battered woman syndrome and one of which is the masochism of battered women. Since it is a myth, there are insufficient proof that the said issue is true and factual. Englander (2007) further added that theories about masochism as being normal for women have no scientific foundation and empirical data to support these theories. It is also not necessary that a woman experiencing battered woman syndrome is a masochist. Different angles of the issue must be viewed first. Consider the social status of the person because having an inferior social status does not necessarily mean that one is masochistic. Consider also her behavior. Although she behaves masochistically, it does not necessarily mean that she is suffering from masochism. Her act of masochism may be due to the fact that she needs to increase her chances of surviving or to eliminate the tension building inside her. A woman may not be able to leave her husband because of the benefit she gains from him (e. g. , her children has father) or she cannot find any other man to satisfy her emotional needs (Rancour-Laferriere, 1995). Other factors to consider would include the following: social or financial dependence on spouse, insufficient marketing skills, limited independence and mobility due to continuous childbearing, uncertainty about the severity of the problem, fear of becoming single, poor and alone, and knowledge deficit about other options that may help her (Englander, 2007). If a woman is a masochist, then she enjoys the suffering or the pain inflicted to her. However, Okun (1986) noted that masochism enlisted here does not imply enjoyment of suffering. Instead the suffering is endured because of the woman’s low self-esteem and failure to understand her role in their relationship. Battered women are then suggested to be suffering from a subtype of anxiety related disorder. It is said to be under the subclassification of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since the cyclical act of violence has become a serious threat to the health of the victim and her life. The battered woman often reports flashbacks, nightmares, emotional detachment, numbness, sleep problems, disrupted concentration, hypervigilance, startled response, guilt, and fears of experiencing recurrent violence. Other symptoms would include depression, indecisiveness, low self-esteem, self-blame, passiveness, social isolation, and unwillingness to seek help from others (Keltner, Schwecke and Bostrom, 2007). In conclusion, one must first consider several factors before making assumptions about battered women. They may have some psychiatric disorders that render them incapable of leaving their abusive partner. They may have deeper reasons why they chose to experience physical rather than emotional pain. Knowing that some of these women are mothers, their love for their children may be the only bond that ties her to an abusive partner. References Englander, E. K. (2007). Understanding Violence (3rd ed. ). USA: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Fulero, S. M. Wrightsman, L. S. (2009). Forensic Psychology (3rd ed. ). USA: Wadsworth. Keltner, N. L. , Schwecke, L. H. Bostrom, C. L. (2007). Psychiatric Nursing (5th ed. ). USA: Elsevier. McCann, J. T. , Shindler, K. L. , Hammond, T. R. (2004). The Science and Pseudoscience of Ecpert Testimony. In S. O. Lilienfeld, S. J. Lynn, J. M. Lohr, C. Tavris. (Ed. ) Science and Pseudoscience of Clinical Psychology. USA: The Guilford Press. Okun, L. (1986). Woman Abuse: Facts Replacing Myths. USA: State University New York Press Rancour-Laferriere, D. (1995). The Slave Soul of Russia: Moral Masochism and the Cult of Suffering. USA: New York University Press. How to cite Battered Woman Syndrome, Papers

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E Commerce at Yunnan Lucky Air free essay sample

Backed by the Hainan Airlines of the China, Yunnan Airlines was founded in 2004 as one of the most cost-effective domestic airline operating from its hub in Kunming, in the province of Yunnan. The limited route license added to the airline’s competitive advantage and maintained its monopoly within the region. Its major competitors include Air China and China Southern Airlines among others. As Yunnan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations of Southern China, the airline attracted a lot of customers and started producing profits within just three years of its inception. This huge success was the result of a viable strategy of the company that included just one type of airplane to reduce maintenance and costs, short haul and point to point routes and just one seating arrangement. There was no in-flight entertainment as well but as the airline was dealing in just short trips, these factors did not adversely affect its revenues. Presently, the company is facing a niche competition after the introduction of many new low-cost airline companies in the already saturated market and to keep itself ahead of the competition, Lucky Air needs to revisit its business strategy and come up with a plan of action that would help in its progress. This task is unduly challenging as it faces many competitors and any error or lapse of judgement may adversely affect the future of the company. E-commerce in China: According to (Kotler et al, 2012) ‘The digital revolution has created an Information Age that promises to lead to more accurate levels of production, more targeted communications and more relevant pricing’. In western countries e-commerce is not only a great asset in the business world, it is becoming the most dominant factor of gaining advantage and expanding their range within the sector. The internet usage in the China, however, is fairly limited and there is still a lot of potential for penetration inside the different remote regions of the country. This factor endorses the fact that the use of internet to have a competitive business advantage is currently minimal. The internet service at this time, especially in the airline sector, is unsophisticated and slow. The advancements in this sector are however enormous. Although only 1% of the population in China use the internet for their convenience, this situation is going to change soon considering the speed at which this commodity is gaining influence in the country. Luckyair. net: Kotler at al. (2012) state that ‘companies can improve their cost efficiency by skillful use of the internet’. This forum can improve logistics and operations to not only improve the accuracy and service quality but gain enormous cost savings as well. The biggest advantage that Lucky Air has is its association with Hainan Air that ensures that it is linked to one of the best IT support in the country. Lucky Air uses just . 15% of its own net income on its IT investment. Having this aid at their disposal has made them get an edge over their competitors and the company is the first of its kind to enable online credit verification, buy and refund tickets online and has no call-centre back end operations that delay and frustrate the customers. In addition, the company also provides information on destinations, flights and news updates. The on-line communities also help increase brand loyalty through blogs and forums. Options Open to Lucky Air: There are many different options available to Lucky Air to improve its standing in the airline sector. Some of these options include A. Revitalization of e-commerce to establish itself as the online travel leader. B. Expansion of the airline’s operations to include long haul routes C. Merger with other smaller companies to have a wider range of resources and capital available and improve its position in the highly competitive market Factors to be considered: Kotler at al. (2012) see management ‘entering a new â€Å"Age of Turbulence’ in which chaos, risk and uncertainty characterize many industries, markets and companies’. A lot of factors need to be considered by the executive team of Lucky Air. An ill-devised or poorly implemented marketing plan would not only hinder the company’s growth, it would also result in the loss of the edge they have over the other companies. The four cost components of the airline industry – fuel, landing fees, aircraft leasing and taxes has made operating Lucky Air in a productive manner a constant challenge. Even though the company has a high competitive advantage being linked to Hainan Airlines, it still needed to upgrade its business strategy on a regular basis to ensure maintaining the lead they had over the other airlines. The company like all its counterparts face a myriad of restraints including heavily regulated governmental laws, limitation to price reduction, a low potential for rapid expansion due to government restrictions and heavy taxes. Lucky Air being new in the field and operating on a small geographical area has to burden a lot of costs. The restriction on expansion of the company makes it necessary for the airlines to lease the airplanes at a high cost and the taxes ranging from 2%-10% makes it a challenge to manage its finances. The monopoly of ‘Civil Aviation Oil’ for fuel and â€Å"National Development Reform Commission’ for aircraft leasing puts a burden on the budget of the airline companies as they may dictate the terms of their services as they see fit. Another factor that Lucky Air has to keep in mind while devising its business strategy is the distribution and sale of the tickets for each flight. The sale of the tickets had the highest variable cost to the company’s finances with 80% of the company’s ticket purchases being done through authorized agents who commissioned from 2-10%. In addition, the company also had to pay the ‘GDS’ fees taxed by the government. The government restrictions and taxes induced are also major aspects of business in the airline sector. E-commerce is still not the norm of the business sector as there is a constant threat of fraud and errors in online buying, along with the high process being charged by the banks for using their services for payments. The executive team needs to take this factor into consideration and formulate a plan that would help keep Lucky Air exploit the resources as the e-commerce becomes more common in the country. Kotler et al. (2012) believes that marketers may use the Internet as a powerful information and sales channel as it can collect fuller and richer information about markets, computers, prospects and competitors. Recommendation: As far as the short term strategy is concerned, the biggest benefit would be gained through the integration of e-commerce. This is one avenue that Lucky Air needs to pursue as soon as possible as it would determine the future benefits of the company in the long run. It would not be able to survive in this market unless it moulds its business strategy in this respect. For the long term, the company needs to expand its range of operations and introduce long haul and international destinations with time. The marketing executives of Lucky Air should base their strategy on the ‘Holistic Marketing Concept’ which according to Kotler et al. (2012) is based on the development, design and implementation of marketing programs, processes and activities that recognize their breadth and interdependencies. This concept believes that everything matters in marketing and a broad, integrated perspective is often necessary. It recognizes and reconciles the scope and complexities of marketing activities (Appendix A). The adoption of this strategy would include 1. Use of Web 2. 0 to improve the customers’ online experience. 2. Set up a ‘Customer Relationship Management’ as is ? the norm in the western companies. 3. Acquire and maintain a detailed ‘Customer Product Review’ to help keep track of the customers’ changing needs and preferences. 4. Introduce a ‘Customer Self-Service’ option to decrease wait time during processes. 5. Set up a ‘Corporate Account’ that would aid the companies to keep track of their employees’ travel records and give them access to the different deals and destination packages. 6. Introduce and aggressively promote a ‘Loyalty Program Membership’ that would help maintain customer interaction and foster brand loyalty. 7. Introduce discount tour packages giving discounts in hotels and travel services even though the government does not allow reduction in the fares. 8. Improved discount rates, product mixes, promotional channels and special deals for students provided at sanctioned breaks and holidays. Conclusion and lessons learned: Analyzing the situation that the airline companies and specifically Lucky Air finds itself in, it can be deduced that to maintain their position in the ever increasing competitive market of airline industry, it is necessary for Lucky Air to revamp its business strategy. Considering the changing trends of the market, it cannot hope to have and maintain a positive impact on the market unless it expands its mode of operations. As e-commerce is the key to future success, it would be prudent for the company to devise its business strategy focusing on this aspect. On the other hand, Lucky Air should also think about expanding its business to other provinces and with time to other countries as well. Considering the vast number of airline companies opening shop in China, expansion is the only way to survive. The expansion, however, needs to be brought about strategically so that the competition may not be able to exploit Lucky Air’s weaknesses and errors. This is true for every low cost airline company in China and globally. The ever-changing market and the introduction of easy access of internet means that these airlines cannot hope to be successful in their endeavors unless they are willing to keep on a constant revitalization of their business strategy on a regular basis. It is the only way to keep abreast of the changing trends and be productive.